Appliance Refinishing

awaproductcareAppliance Refinishing

Appliance refinishing, also called electrostatic painting, can give a dramatic boost to an appliance which is working properly but doesn’t have a pleasant-looking exterior has exterior (such as rust, blemishes, stains and more). By refinishing your appliance, you also save energy and keep a good-running appliance from having to be sent to the landfill! Most common appliance refinishing services are for refrigerators, washers and dryers. Please do not forget the life-span of different appliances, which you will find in the table below.

The new trend for appliance finishes is stainless steel. By refinishing your appliance, it’s possible to use some real stainless steel epoxy-paint to rejuvenate your appliance by giving them an all-new look!

During the process of refinishing appliances, the preparation is very important. It will make the biggest difference at the end of the job. At Available Appliance, we have the expertise to refinish all your appliances. Check our gallery!


    1. Remove button and handle
    2. Clean all surfaces to free them of dust and grease
    3. Sand rusty spots
    4. Cover door seal with masking tape
    5. Spray  primer & anti-rust
    6. Sand any rusty spots on the appliance
    7. Apply stainless steel epoxy paint with roller
    8. Use a squeegee to remove roller line
    9. Apply second coat if necessary
    10. Apply sealer coat
    11. Paint Handle with Spay
    12. Put handle back